Parking in Hackbridge

It has become evident that more and more residents are having issues parking down the roads they live on, let alone outside their actual house.  With front gardens being paved over, new developments built with inadequate parking facilities, the school run and commuters unwilling to pay increased parking fees, there are even less places now than there were a few years ago.

At the NDG’s monthly meeting on 28 October 2015, a presentation was given providing some facts about the current parking situation in Hackbridge, the reasons commuters drive to the station (last Zone 4 train station and therefore cheaper travel) and ratios of new dwellings to car parking provision.  Controlled Parking Zones were mentioned as a potential option, although this will come at a cost to individuals and would need to be agreed on a road by road basis and then overall how it would have a knock-on effect.


Car parking can be a heated topic of discussion from those who disagree completely with having a car to those wanting 2/3 spaces per dwelling.  With this in mind, it is impossible to please everyone, however, we are interested with the arrival of over 1,000 new dwellings in Hackbridge to find out if you, as a resident are currently having issues where you live and ask you please to take 2 minutes to complete our parking survey.  

You can also email to with any parking issues or comments that you want to share (examples of poor/dangerous/illegal parking etc) as this will help build up a picture of the issues being faced.

We know that everyone doesn’t use a computer so we will also be producing leaflets and conducting road by road surveys to gather further feedback.