If you live or work in Hackbridge or Beddington Corner (check our neighbourhood boundary map), you can become a member of the Hackbridge & Beddington Corner Neighbourhood Development Group. How active a member you want to be is up to you!

Choose the option below that best suits you.

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1. full membership

If you would like to become an active member of our group, please email us so that we can have a chat.

2. associate membership

As an associate member, you will receive our newsletter, invitation to certain events and be asked your input on local needs through quick surveys. Your name will be added to our membership list.

By being an associate member, you help us maintain our constituted status, which also allows us to access wider funding streams.

Section 61F(5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 requires us to have at least 21 members and reconstitute every five years. Your name (NOT EMAIL) will be in the renewal documents that are part of the public consultation process.

By clicking join, you agree to share your email address with us and Mailchimp. You can unsubscribe or cease membership at anytime.