The Localism Act 2011 gives the power to communities to draft their own neighbourhood plans.  

In early 2011, Hackbridge was chosen as one of the original seventeen communities to be front-runners in the Government’s scheme to encourage planning at a neighbourhood level.  

A re-visioning day held in All Saints Church in November 2011, was an attempt to capture residents’ concerns for the area, publicise the Neighbourhood Planning Group and build on the consultation carried out for the writing of the Hackbridge Masterplan.  

In June 2012 the Group submitted its application to Sutton Council to be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Group and have the area designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area.  Following public consultation, this was approved by Sutton Council in September 2012.

The group are volunteers and include local residents, businesses and other local interest groups and organisations.  Our Neighbourhood Plan covers the area of Hackbridge, including Beddington Corner and will run to 2027.  

The NDG have been involved in responding to many planning applications and meeting developers, soft landscaping, history and art projects, while still writing a neighbourhood plan and consulting with residents along the journey.

The Neighbourhood Plan finally went to referendum on 29 November 2018, resulting in an 89.4% vote in favour.  Our Plan became the 12th to be adopted in London. 

The plan will now form part of the local planning framework and help guide and control development in our area.

“Your, my, our Hackbridge. All having a hand in the process”

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