Heart of Hackbridge

In February 2012, the Greater London Authority awarded £835K to Sutton Council (in partnership with BioRegional) from the Outer London Fund programme to revitalise Hackbridge high street by improving its “prosperity, sustainability and accessibility”. The funding was increased to £1.2M with the addition of 30% match funding from the Council.

The NDG was invited to provide a representative to the Programme Board.  This involved attendance at monthly meetings over a two year period.  Feedback was given at various stages.

NDG’s initial feedback – submitted in February 2013 and resubmitted after the consultation in June 2013 as we did not feel our points had been addressed

NDG’s feedback – after completion of works

Further information 

Please click on the links below to find out further information about the scheme.

London Borough of Sutton


Hackbridge Safety First Facebook Page

Tom Brake – lessons learnt

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