Wandle Valley Trading Estate – Millfields

For information on pricing of the development, please go to Redrow’s website.

Update – 25 October 2016

Further changes have been made to the plans.  We are pleased that the mill pond is back to the original size agreed and also the piece of land given over to the wetlands.  However we still disagree with the siting of the bridge, which should be as the original approved application.

You can read our response to the planning application.

If you wish to make any comments, please do so by 7 November.

Go to planning application C2016/74653 to look at further details and be able to make your comment.


Update – June 2016

Hugh Cave has sold the majority of the land (not the island) to Redrow.  This land already has planning permission, but Redrow wish to make changes to it and have submitted a Section 73 application to Sutton Council.

C2016/74653 provides details of this application.

Deadline to submit comments is 22 July 2016.  You can read our comments here.

The NDG have had various meetings and presentations with Hugh Cave, director of City & Provincial Properties Plc to review and discuss plans for the Wandle Valley Trading Estate.

Planning application number: c2013/68191

Detailed plans and their website can be found at:-

There has been plenty of dialogue and questions raised that have been captured in correspondence below:-

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