Wandle Valley Trading Estate – Millfields

Please scroll down for updates on this development.  The most recent activities are at the top of the page.


October 2017

elevation drawing phase 2 Redrow
Poorly designed layout providing blank frontage onto public footpath by River Wandle

On 29 September 2017, planning permission was refused for application C2017/77482.   We are pleased that Sutton Council listened to the NDG and local residents about their concerns.  The main reasons for refusing are:-

  • The development would result in a poor quality street scene due to poorly designed flank walls fronting the public path along the River Wandle.
  • Loss of shared amenity areas from original approved development for affordable flatted block.
  • Development would result in unsatisfactory allocation of car parking across the site and unsightly on street parking contrary to the original approved plans.
  • The changes in this application are considered major and would therefore require a full planning application, not the minor amendment application that was submitted.
  • The full reasons can be read on Sutton Councils planning portal.

15 August 2017

A Section 73 Minor Amendments application C2017/77482 has been submitted by Redrow to Sutton Council for changes to the proposed Phase 2 of the scheme.  Deadline to submit feedback was 18 August 2017.


  • Design & Access Statement – main document to read containing plans and information.
  • Existing approved planning application C2016/74653 and other documentation.
  • We have submitted our response to Sutton Council highlighting how we are disappointed with the changes and the lack of respect for the River Wandle running through their site.


Approved plans Amended plans for approval
  • 9 x 1 bedroom flats
  • 17 x 2 bedroom flats
  • 26 x 3 bedroom houses
  • 21 x 4 bedroom houses
  • 115 total parking spaces
  • 73 total units
  • 16 x 1 bedroom flats
  • 12 x 2 bedroom flats
  • 45 x 3 bedroom houses
  • 97 total parking spaces
  • 73 total units


25 October 2016

Further changes were made to the plans for Phase 1.  We are pleased that the mill pond is back to the original size agreed and also the piece of land given over to the wetlands.  However we still disagree with the siting of the bridge, which should be as the original approved application.

C2016/74653 planning application was subsequently approved.



June 2016

wandle-riverside-masterplanHugh Cave has sold the majority of the land (not the island) to Redrow.  This land already had planning permission, but Redrow wished to make changes to it and submitted a Section 73 application C2016/74653 to Sutton Council.




The NDG have had various meetings and presentations with Hugh Cave, director of City & Provincial Properties Plc to review and discuss plans for the Wandle Valley Trading Estate.  Planning application number C2013/68191 was submitted and subsequently approved.


There has been plenty of dialogue and questions raised that have been captured in correspondence below:-




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