Felnex – New Mill Quarter

Masterplan layout of Felnex site – 805 dwellings (80 assisted living flats), Lidl supermarket, 6 shop units, small business forest


September 2016

Felnex supermarket drawing

Felnex was approved on 7 September 2016 for the reserved matters application for the whole site.

This has not been without conflict and the NDG did not agree with many aspects of the design and the impact on existing residents.

Have a read through our blog links over the year to see what has been happening in chronological order:-


November 2015

supermarket building
Approved Phase 1 image of supermarket & flats on top

Schroders have now negotiated with Barratt Homes to design and bring forward the whole site.

Members of the NDG met with Barratt Homes on 4 November and a public exhibition took place on 24 November.

Do have a look at the presentation boards from the exhibition and read our letter in response to their designs.


August 2015

Most people are aware that the supermarket chain that was potentially coming to Hackbridge had its own issues and did not sign with the developer and that Phase 1 of this site has now been put on hold.

They are currently looking at bringing forward the residential side and are talking to housing developers and apparently due to sign one soon.

The decontamination of the site has taken longer than expected and more money than expected, hence further delays.


Phase 1 – approved

The detailed application for Phase 1 for Felnex finished on 30 May 2014.

The approval for this Phase of the development went to the Planning Committee on 25 June 2014.

The NDG did all that they could to change the design of this development, including sending out well informed information to all the Planning Committee and inviting them to a site visit.  We were pleased that the new Chair of the Planning Committee took us up on this offer, but disappointed that our newly elected councillors (one of whom was on the committee that night), did not even respond to us.

We feel that with a site this big and with such a huge impact on so many people and businesses, a site visit should be compulsory.

We remain committed to work with Savills and Schroders throughout the next phases of the development.

If you wish to have your say on new developments, it is imperative that you respond during the consultation period either in writing or via the planning portal to Sutton Council.  Unfortunately talking about it does not make your opinion count.

Planning application details

View from top of bridge looking into Hackbridge

All details of the plans can be viewed on Sutton Council’s website www.sutton.gov.uk/planningapplicationsearch using the last 5 digits of the appropriate Planning Application number below:-

  • Planning Application number: C2009/62175 – original outline application approved by Sutton Council
  • Planning application number: C2014/68755 – detailed plan for Phase 1 of Felnex
  • Planning Application number: C2014/68760 – revised detailed plans for Phase 1 approved by Sutton Council

The overview proposal for Phase 1 is to provide a supermarket with car parking (hidden from view) and residential accommodation.  Please see elevation of proposed building below which gives you a visual of what London Road (opposite the station) will look like.

Elevation of Felnex on London Road

Other meetings

A further meeting took place with Savills on 14 March 2014 where we were able to see an initial review of the Design and Access Statement, now available on the Sutton website.

The latest meeting was held on 15 April 2014 with Schroders (the land owners), Collado Collins (the architect) and Savills (managing agent). The table in the link below was used as a framework for this meeting.  The points were discussed and we are now awaiting a formal response to these.

Tabled framework for meeting of 15 April 2014

Tabled framework of questions answered   – 17 June 2014 

A detailed pack of information was sent to all councillors of the Planning Committee with an invite to attend a site visit on 24 June 2014.



The Neighbourhood Development Group had their first meeting with Savills on 7 November.  Initial response to the consultation held on 4 November 2013 at Hackbridge Primary School and the minutes from a meeting between the NDG and Savills can be found below:-

Letter to Savills from the NDG to form basis of meeting – 6 November 2013

Notes from the meeting with Savills – 7 November 2013

Savills Felnex flyer v2Savills held a public consultation event on Monday 4 November 2013 at Hackbridge Primary School from 11am to 8pm.

If you missed the consultation, you will be able to find further information on Savills’ website, including the presentation boards which you can view here.


  1. It is ridiculous that Wallington has now got a Sainsbury’s Local as well as the independent opposite it by the station, a proper Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Iceland and Tesco Express…yet we have nothing similar in Hackbridge!!! This development was ‘sold’ to us locals as having a supermarket; we now have that 6 storey multicoloured eyesore on the corner of London Road and Nightingale Road, which IMHO is far too high and is a complete blot on the skyline where everything else the area has a height of two storeys; and the ‘supermarket’ part remains empty. Surely it would have been a good idea to have a supermarket signed up BEFORE the plans were granted? Or is that too logical?

    1. I could not agree less about the stylish new apartment building. It looks slick and contemporary and was just the shot in the arm that Hackbridge needed. It replaced a 60s office building of similar height. Of course, a Little Waitrose at ground floor level would make it even better. More generally, I just hope the Felnex project gets going soon. Ever since BedZED was build, Hackbridge has got far more on the map. The momentum needs to be maintained.

      1. I have lived in Hackbridge since 2003 and having trained as a designer I must disagree with you. “Slick” it is not and if by “contemporary” you mean “cheap design & build” then I’d agree with you. It dwarfs the surrounding buildings and the poor detailing will age badly over time. It is a shame that the original office block was not converted in a similar way that which has resulted in Putney Wharf Tower.

      2. I have to agree that the whole concept looks like a badly designed 1960’s/70’s concrete jungle. I live over the railway line and my view will now be hideous tower block concrete boxes from my back garden and now Wandle Road and Park Road are also being developed, I feel I am being swamped by poorly designed blocks of concrete. So sad that all sense of style and fitting in with the surrounding aesthetics have been totally disregarded for the sake of cramming in bodies! It will look awful in a couple of years. Covered in graffiti and depressing. I thought Felnex was going to be based on an Eco design with a mixture of houses and flats with shops selling locally grown produce, individual and artesan, but we already have a sainsbury and now a Tesco is being built. Not very Eco as far as I am concerned. The new road system is rubbish. That bit of pavement that sticks out by the wedding dress shop is terrible. There will be an accident soon when a lorry has to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic to avoid it! And as for those informal crossings, what a joke. Really, whoever thought that this design is good should be SACKED. It is possible to build really nice looking places, just look at Carshalton by the ponds and the lovely blocks down by the Wandle near Strawberry Lodge. It is possible to design nice looking places with style, you just have to open your eyes and consider your surroundings and residents, not just the money side of things. I know I am having a rant but I have lived in Hackbridge since 1968, I don’t oppose change, it has to be done and time moves on, but really, is this the best that’s on offer?? No obviously not, but I guess it’s the cheapest, and boy does it look it!

      3. Totally agree with this bit from another poster “The new road system is rubbish. That bit of pavement that sticks out by the wedding dress shop is terrible. There will be an accident soon when a lorry has to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic to avoid it!”

        Sort it out Sutton Council before someone actually gets hurt! Wait, hang on why would they change it, I think five people have to die first before they have a meeting to discuss it!

  2. The detailed plans for Phase 1 are now available to see and we have three weeks consultation to provide feedback to the Council. The NDG have been working with Schroders and Savills, but it is important to voice your own views by responding to this consultation. You can view the documentation on the Council’s website http://gis.sutton.gov.uk/FASTWEB/welcome.asp using Planning application number: C2014/68755

  3. I don’t think there is much wrong with the design of either the existing Saxon Court or the new proposed buildings. They are very much in line with the contemporary look you see in central and inner London, eg Docklands. They will replace the ugly warehouses being demolished. There will be an ecological element. This will put Hackbridge more on the map and nicely complement BedZED.

  4. I agree that the design is cheap and awful,but at least that lets it fit in with Sutton’s other splendid contributions to the legacy of “austerity architecture”.
    Not having a supermarket is completely idiotic,but I ecpect the lobbying from the Wallington retail mafia has made that decision against common sense.
    Does anybody have the slightest idea of the extent of the normal windrose around the proposed incinerator chimneys?Putting in this high density residential development in the SW segement of the normal plume seems mad to me .Prevailing winds will blow emissions into Croydon 75% of the time…but the other 25% !!!

  5. Please don’t built those tall flats on London Road with open balconies!! Just have a look at any block of flats with open balconies and see what they are used for. Washing lines, bikes, children’s toys, junk, drying off used towels by hanging them on the balcony rail. Most modern blocks don’t have balconies because they turn the whole block into an eyesore in a very short space of time. Put balconies at the back if you must but please don’t have them at the front – it’s so sixties and we all know hoe unsuccessful that was.
    Also, are they all to be sold or are some of them social housing? So many questions – so little easy to find information!

  6. I am horrified over the supposed Hackbridge ‘improvement’ plans. Dangerous road re-designs & what looks like a huge housing estate in the Felnex. I’m suprised that the so called developers have not ruined the beautiful Wandle or is that in Phase Two….

  7. I wonder what prince Charles would say about this development. I think it’s a sheer insult to the people living in Hackbridge. Whatever the glossy brochures say, it’s cheap and tacky construction and the developers should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Prince Charles as he has said in the past about certain architecture is like a carbuncle also a blot on the landscape. No doubt he would say the same about this particular housing site in Hackbridge.

  8. I think that many of the areas in the London borough of Sutton are being over developed every avaible bit of land is being built on for flats etc. I live near the Canon Court Woodcote road area more traffic more cars from people living in the flats. Now Wallington square is having more flats built there. Of course people have to have somewhere to live that is a fact of life but an area like Sutton can be built-up to much and its original character is taken away sad i think.

    1. I quite agree Phillipa. And what will happen if the incinerator goes ahead more traffic lorries to and from the site. I remember Wallington when i first moved here in 1977 that era bears no comparison to what it is like today to much development does and can spoil an area.

  9. They call it progress Carole and Phillipa but i do agree sometimes it is not always progress for the better. Our green belt land which was said to be protected when an act was passed in the late 1940’s by the government is being built on throughout the UK. Not enough regulation by the government regarding planning and development of certain areas i think.

    1. The whole site should be finished in approx 5 years. However they will be phasing the build and you will be able to purchase before building is complete. If you look at Barratt Homes’ website under ‘New Mill Quarter, Hackbridge’, you will be able to contact them or sign up for information.

  10. Why o why cannot you build something with character,that will last and be proud to look at ,
    I give it 25 years it will be discoulerd and even more ugly,maybe pull it all down and start again
    Learn from your elders,I am77 and was born there,

      1. You are right; no character. I have a question though, is there enough parking for all the flats? If they think people won’t buy cars because they don’t have a parking space, then they don’t know people. I’d love to see the homes the planners live in.

  11. There won’t be enough parking spaces for one car per dwelling. They developer has used a ratio that is based on how far the site is from the station and what the minimum standard should be and Sutton Council agreed it at their planning committees. It is a known issue that there is a problem with parking in Hackbridge and the Felnex site has actually taken away parking spaces for residents on Hackbridge Road.

    You should note that that parking on the Felnex site will be restricted for their residents only, but it obviously doesn’t stop the new residents from parking on existing streets.

    1. OMG! Do they really think the people who live there won’t have cars because they have nowhere to park? And what about visitors? Clearly, the people who passed this overcrowded development don’t live near it! It’s going to cause misery for a lot of people!

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