Corbet Close – Maple Grove

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May 2017 update

The site has now been named Maple Grove.  Their website is

The latest update provided by The Lavender Housing Partnership can be read here.

September 2016 update

Rydons have provided an update that they are still doing the due diligence for the site and do not have a date yet when building will commence.
An update from Sutton Council states that they are aiming to have vacant possession of the site by the end of May 2015 after entering the final negotiations with the remaining leaseholders.
Demolition works will start shortly after and the plan remains to build 54 family houses which are all intended for individual private sale.
Further information about the site can been seen on the link to the master plan.
To view the Planning application, click here and use the last five digit reference number:  C2012/66014
C2015/73183 – is an application to vary the original planning conditions so that homes can be occupied when they are ready, rather than waiting for the whole site to be finished.

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4 thoughts on “Corbet Close – Maple Grove

  1. Being a resident of the opposite side of the river to Corbet Close, I’m really excited about the master plan proposals – looking good! 🙂

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