Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Our Draft Neighbourhood Plan is now at the pre-submission stage and under consultation from 29 February to 22 April 2016.

What is the difference between our Neighbourhood Plan and Sutton Council’s Local Plan?

Neighbourhood planning came out of the Localism Act 2011, enabling local residents and businesses to write policies in a neighbourhood plan to help shape their specific area.  Sutton Council’s Local Plan deals at a strategic level and borough wide.

Although it may be confusing that both plans are out at the same time, it provides us now with a better opportunity that we didn’t have before to comment on the Local Plan and put in policies that we might not have been able to before, as our plan has to be in general conformity to the Local Plan, London Plan and National Planning Policy Framework.

How can I view the plan?

Neighbourhood Plan – a brief guide – if you don’t fancy reading 69 pages!

Pre-submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan – the full version


  • Appendix 1 – Constitution
  • Appendices 2-6
    Appendix 2 – Evidence base, guidance and bibliography
    Appendix 3 – Planning terminology
    Appendix 4 – Planning policy context
    Appendix 5 – One Planet Living
    Appendix 6 – One Planet Living action plan
  • Appendix 7 – Hackbridge Green Space Management
  • Appendix 7.1 – RHS plant list perfect for pollinators
  • Appendix 7.2 – RHS wildflowers list perfect for pollinators
  • Appendix 7.3 – RHS front gardens urban greening
  • Appendix 8 – All London Green Grid – Supplementary Planning Guidance March 2012 (Page 104 – Green Grid Area 8, Wandle Valley)
  • Appendix 8.1 – All London Green Grid map
  • Appendix 8.2 – Wandle Valley approved boundary map
  • Appendix 9 – Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Appendix 10 – EU Ambient Quality Air Directive 2008/50/EC
  • Appendix 11 – Hackbridge & Beddington Corner Housing Needs Report by AECOM

How else can I view the plan?

A paper copy will be available to read at:-

  • All Saints Community Centre – New Road, Mitcham, CR4 4JN
  • Hackbridge Cafe – London Road, Hackbridge
  • Wallington Library – Shotfield, Wallington, SM6 0HY
  • BedZED Pavilion – 24 Sandmartin Lane, Hackbridge, SM6 7DF
  • Sutton Council offices – 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, SM5 2JG

How can I comment?

Please remember we are a group of residents who have volunteered our time to put together the plan.  We have got it to a stage that we now need the rest of the community to help shape the plan to reflect the neighbourhood we all want to live in; this is why it is so important to give us your feedback.

Every comment will be reviewed and the plan amended if necessary.  If your suggestion is not put into the plan, we need to provide a valid reason which forms part of our evidence base when we get to the external examination stage.

The best way to provide us with your feedback is to use the online form.  It is simple and takes about 7 clicks of the mouse!

Online feedback form

You can also email us your comments to hackbridgeandbc@gmail.com
Or post to Hackbridge NDG | 24 Sandmartin Lane | Hackbridge | Surrey | SM6 7DF

What happens next?

  • We will look at all your comments and amend our plan if needed.
  • If there are lots of changes, we will go out to the community again for comments.
  • Our updated plan will then be submitted to Sutton Council who will put it out for formal consultation (another opportunity to comment on it).
  • Our plan will be reviewed by an independent external examiner.
  • A referendum will take place where you can vote on our plan.
  • If more than 50% of votes are yes, Sutton Council will bring our plan into legal force.

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