Hackbridge Primary School expansion



16 December

Planning permission was approved.

30 July

Planning application C2015/72418 to expand Hackbridge Primary School onto a separate site on London Road, Hackbridge was submitted for planning permission.  Consultation finished on 29 September 2015.



Have a look at our previous blogs for earlier information:-

13 March 2015 – pre-consultation information

22 June 2015 – pre-consultation information

Main points to consider

  • The land the proposed school will go on is Metropolitan Open Land (MOL)
  • This land can only be built on under special circumstances
  • The whole of the MOL is part of the expanding Wandle Valley Regional Park, which Hackbridge is a major part of
  • Hackbridge Primary expanded from a two form entry to a three form entry school to accommodate the Felnex development of residential new homes.  This has not been built yet, but due to increased birth rates and movement into the Borough, these additional school spaces are already being filled.
  • The original site for the expanded school was on the field outside the BedZED Pavilion – this is an irregular piece of land and would have made it hard to build a school on there, probably needing bespoke materials, making it expensive
  • Click to expand site allocations map below:-

School location map

  • The Steering Committee which was set up by Sutton Council, including members of the NDG and local residents came up with 10 key principles in which they might support Sutton Council’s application to the GLA to move the site of the school onto MOL
  • The NDG’s letter of support was not used as Sutton Council could not guarantee sterilisation of the original site from future development, as this would need to be reviewed when updating their Local Plan (which is happening now and the NDG are awaiting to be consulted with)
  • NDG letter to Sutton Council – Oct 2014
  • NDG letter to GLA – Oct 2014
  • NDG letter submitted to formal planning application – 7 Sept 2015

Design of the proposed school

Detailed plans can be seen on the planning application, but below are a few main ones:-

Further information

Information on the consultation possible expansion of Hackbridge Primary School – 15 September to 31 October 2014

Consultation papers – September 2014

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