Felnex Phase 1 approved – did you have your say?

On 25 June 2014, the planning application for Phase 1 of the Felnex site was approved by Sutton Council’s Planning Committee.

The NDG has a good relationship with Savills and Schroders and have discussed many parts of the design in various meetings since November 2013.  Whilst we did not object to the overall principal of Phase 1, we did object to the height, mass, design, chosen materials and concerns how it will affect the current infrastructure.

It should be noted that only 4 objections were received by the Council, with the NDG’s comments for some reason being treated as an addendum.

If an application receives 10 or more objections, we understand they are treated in a slightly different way.

The NDG did all that they could to change the design of this development, including sending out well informed information to all the Planning Committee and inviting them to a site visit.  We were pleased that the new Chair of the Planning Committee took us up on this offer, but disappointed that our newly elected councillors (one of whom was on the committee that night), did not even respond to us.

We feel that with a site this big and with such a huge impact on so many people and businesses, a site visit should be compulsory.

We remain committed to work with Savills and Schroders throughout the next phases of the development.

If you wish to have your say on new developments, it is imperative that you respond during the consultation period either in writing or via the planning portal to Sutton Council.  Unfortunately talking about it does not make your opinion count.



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