Heart of Hackbridge – consultation

Hackbridge Road Crossing Leaflet


The Heart of Hackbridge consultation starts on 18 November 2015 and will finish on 18 December 2015.

Please take time to view the presentation, and vote (open from 18/11) for what option you personally think is best.

As all options contain the replacement of the courtesy crossing on Hackbridge Road (opposite Hackbridge Primary School) to a zebra crossing, work for this will commence on 30 November, with road closures happening at night on 9/10 December.

Copies of the fliers will be available to view at:

  • Sainsbury’s Local
  • Howards Hairdressers
  • Hackbridge Cafe


UPDATE – 8 February 2016

Option 2 was the most popular place for the second zebra crossing to be installed.






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