New Planning Application for land north of Hackbridge train station


2018 Land north of train station visualisation

A planning application from M Challen, S Byfield, L Morreale and M Davison has been submitted for the Land north of Hackbridge Train Station.  Deadline to comment is 7 December 2018.

The proposal is for 258 dwellings all flats apart from 5 houses:-

  • 88 x 1-bedroom
  • 132 x 2-bedroom
  • 33 x 3-bedroom
  • 5 x 4-bedroom units
  • 392sqm of flexible commercial floor space comprising A1, B1 and D1 uses and associated car parking (118 spaces)


Download our submission to help create your own response.

View the Design & Access Statement

Key images

Site layout

2018 height of buildings

Height of buildings

Block Height (inc podium /commercial storey)Sits on top of 1 storey Podium Sits on top of commercial storey
A11 yes
B6 yes
Hpart 3 part 4  
Ipart 3 part 4  
J5 yes
K4 yes

*It should be noted that both the podium and commercial storeys equate to higher than a residential storey, so realistically Block A would be more like 11.5 to 12 residential storeys in height!


Proposed view coming from Wallington over the bridge

Viewpoint 1 from bridge

Proposed view from the railway line

Viewpoint from railway line

Proposed view from London Road near BedZED

Viewpoint from BedZED

Map of visibility of proposed development

map of site visibility

These images have been taken from the planning application documents.  The map above shows how far the the development will be seen.  In case the key is too small, orange indicates the majority of the site is visible.

How to submit feedback

Deadline – 7 December 2018


Using the access information above,  scroll down and click on ‘comment’ instead of ‘view plans’.  Making sure you use the correct application number (see above) to comment against.  You have the option to object, support or comment.

By email:

By post or hand deliver to:

Development Control
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road
Surrey  SM5 2JG

Ensure you use the correct planning reference in your letter

The link won’t work

If the direct link to the planning application does not work, go to:

and put in the planning application no. DM2018/00160


  1. Looks fantastic, alongside felnex would really allow Hackbridge to complete with other areas and improve local amenities. It’s a yes from me.

  2. If they reduce the height of some buildings and add in more local amenities it would be great. We could do with more shops and restaurants.

  3. It’s a joke. How will hackbridge station cope, parking implications for surrounding roads as enormous strain on infrastructure as it is. let’s face it, it won’t be enough. Looks like Manhattan skyline. Hackbridge twin towers. Let’s hope they don’t end up the same way as those or grenfell.

  4. I am not at all happy with such a project. There are enough buildings going up, almost a complete village. The roads will not take the amount of traffic it will
    be one long traffic jam. I am against more housing the whole place will be saturated.

  5. How on earth can this be an residential site plan ? It’s more of a business park than a living space.
    The integrity of Hackbridge is not just comprised but obliterated.
    It’s bad enough having the site opposite with over height buildings but these tower blocks will totally destroy what’s left of Hackbridge community.
    Utterly disgraceful, residents of London Road,Wandle Road, And surrounding roads suffer from commuters parking now, where will the new residents park ?

  6. Read the plan in detail. Residential Parking not likely to be a problem. But transport links need an upgrade and commercial parking has to be adequate. Rest, looks like Hackbridge is finally going thru some gentrification.

    1. @Nevkant Mehar can you explain how 258 dwellings with 118 parking spaces will not be a problem? It is naive to assume that the new residents won’t have one, possibly two vehicles, we’ve seen this with Saxon House and The Felnex Estate ( already causeing significant parking issues and it’s not yet complete or fully occupied)!

  7. Excellent, the site is an eye soar. Hackbridge needs to move to less industrial wasteland to a residential neighborhood for family and friends to live in. Lets have more developments like this, as or the comments above about twin towers I feel are in very poor taste and should be removed immediately.

  8. What an absolute joke. So lets just ship a whole load more people into the area, where are the extra schools, doctors, dentists, hospitals etc etc etc to support it all?! Wish people would use their brains sometimes rather than their infatuation with their bank balances. This in no way betters an area.

  9. Where will all the cars park? The people in the flats park on the pavement already which is disgraceful but no one stops them. Wide pavements were not for safety but to provide parking as they knew there wasn’t enough. Common sense please we are small and do not have the facilities to cope with all these new dwellings… enough is enough

  10. This is ridiculous. Southern rail can’t eve cope with the people that live there now….where are the extra Train routes??? They’ve already reduced them and they are often delayed and cancelled. How the hell will the train line cope with this! I have changed my complete route to work now, because of not being able to rely on trains. A journey that should take me an hour each way, now takes me one and a half (sometimes longer!). Grrrrrrrrr. Sort the public transport out before adding even more people into the mix.

  11. It would be interesting to know where the people live who are in favour of this development. I live in the cottages on London Road in a house that has been in my family for over 60 years and where four generations of my family have lived. Our day to day lives in recent years has been blighted by the construction in the area, first by the eyesore which is Saxon House and now the ongoing construction of the Felnex Estate. This proposed development will completely dwarf the cottages that are part of Hackbridge;’s heritage having stood here for over 100 years!
    Whilst the developers may say that people purchasing these properties will not require a car, the reality is that they invariably will own one and have nowhere to park it. The Felnex estate has a ratio of 0.6 parking so once that is finalised it will compound the ongoing parking issues in Hackbridge.
    I hope that common sense and not greed prevails.

  12. I’m all for building up community areas etc making places better but when we already have a transport system that can’t cope with the influx off people into London everyday and we already have opposite not even occupied yet with thousands off homes waiting to be filled Its interesting! I’m waiting to see how hackbridge station and nearby ones cope!!! Yet tfl still take more money!! Parking may be an issue families don’t seem to have one car nowadays!

  13. Unless services in the area are also increased – transport, schools, doctors, local shops, etc – I think this could be an absolute disaster. The old Felnex site is already providing hundreds of new homes, do we really need another building site in Hackbridge? Also, who actually wants to live right next door to a busy train station?

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