Hackbridge Station Improvements

The NDG and local residents have been working with GTR since 2019, including site visits, conference calls and many emails to achieve improvements through the Passenger Benefit Fund and Section 106 Funds from Barratt Homes. We have listened to what passengers wanted and have responded to their requests for better Safety, Convenience and Information.

Passenger Benefit Fund

GTR consulted with residents what improvements they would like to see. From a shortlist, we have had site visits with GTR to confirm what could be achieved. Little did we know how complicated it is just to get a new shelter with the various constraints! We are pleased that work will be carried out in the next 6-8 weeks and includes:-

  • additional seating on both platforms
  • new shelter on platform one
  • canopy over the ticket vending machines
  • new train station sign – ours disappeared many years ago
  • we are still in conversation regarding some other improvements from this fund and will update this when agreed

Feasibility Study & Section 106 money

Many people have highlighted the concern of crossing the car park to get to the train station. We have managed to get GTR to organise a feasibility study and will await the output before deciding what improvements the Section 106 money will be spent on.

The Gap

The main improvement people want to see is the gap on Platform 2 between the platform and train fixed. Unfortunately it cannot be done through this funding, but there is a wider project that includes Hackbridge Station, looking at the gauging of the lines, which is the spacing of the railway tracks. By adjusting them, this will apparently help reduce the gap, although won’t solve the problem completely. We have recently asked for an update, but they don’t have a start date for this project.

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