Wandle Trail enhancements & temporary closure

Rydon who have developments either side of the River Wandle at Corbet Close and Nightingale Close are working with Five Rivers Environmental Contracting to improve the section of the Wandle Trail and river that runs from Hackbridge Road to Culvers Avenue.

We have been negotiating with Rydon for many years about not moving the path further away from the river along the section from Hackbridge Road to the white bridge. Previous changes to this section of the river has resulted in its dramatic narrowing and abundance of overgrown planting, making it difficult to see many parts of the river. We are pleased Rydon have listen to us and will be keeping the location of this path along with the new path.

Who would have thought one tiny stretch of path could have complicated ownership. The section of path from Hackbridge Road to the white bridge is a public right of way and comes under Highways; the next section from the white bridge to the end of the development is Rydon’s and the last section doesn’t seem to belong to anyone! We are therefore disappointed that discussions with Rydon and Highways has resulted in this last section of existing path not being resurfaced.

Further improvements

Other improvements include resurfacing this path:

  • Resurfacing of the existing footpath (in blue on the map above)
  • Removal of the fencing between the paths
  • Creating a new path along the rest of this stretch of the Trail
  • Rectifying the pinch point where the path runs along the wall of the substation
  • Enhancements to the river from the white bridge to Culvers Avenue
  • Installing bollards instead of the gate on Riverside Way to deter motorcyclists
  • Interpretation / way finding board

Wandle Trail temporary closure – 4 January 2021

In order to carry out these works, this part of the Wandle Trail will need to be closed. Unfortunately phased opening is not going to be possible due to access challenges for plant and equipment along the river. There is single access point being adopted via Hackbridge Road and therefore partial opening will be a health and safety concern.

At the time of publishing this blog, the start date for works is 4 January 2021 and could last up to 20 weeks. We know this will be a massive disruption for many people and below is a diversion map that may be useful.


  1. There is an gas light on the current path between the back ridge and the white bridge I assume this will be left in situ as it must be of historical importance

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