Viridor applies to burn more waste

Viridor have submitted another application to the Environment Agency (EA) to increase burning at the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility. We know the local area is not producing a significant increase of waste to warrant it and there are major concerns about the continuing breaches of emission limits. 

If you are concerned too, please take the opportunity to write an objection.

The application shows what you can and can’t object to and if you scroll to the bottom of that page you will view numerous documents. The online form is easy to complete, with one main question. You may also upload a document/image, as long as it is no larger than 25MB

Main points of objection

  • The ERF was built to burn the waste from four London boroughs – Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston, under the South London Waste Partnership (SLWP). Both Sutton Council and SLWP have stated that the amount of rubbish we are producing is reducing, not increasing. This means that Viridor have the capacity to already burn third party waste.
  • Viridor has not been able to run the ERF without constant breaches of emissions. They should not be granted a permit for extra burning, when they cannot cope with the existing amount and also the area where the waste arrives is not designed to hold additional waste.

Read responses from other people

We know it is difficult to respond to these types of applications. Our response is quite lengthy, but we are happy for you to pick out bullet points from it to create your own, or use the main points of objection above. What is important is to show the EA that residents are not happy with this application.

Deadline to respond is 23 December 2023


  1. Viridor has been inconstant breech of emissions.
    Given their location, and all the breeches, they should not be granted a permit for extra burning. Especially given that they cannot cope with the existing amount of waste – as well as the fact that the area where the waste arrives is not designed to hold additional waste.

  2. Tha Mayor of London and TFL are trying to enforce Greater London to be Ultra Low Emission Zone compliant. For this reason alone, the Viridor Incinerator in Beddington should not only be prevented from burming more waste but should be demolished and moved out altogether.

  3. The incinerator represents a constant threat to the health of the residents of the area. Viridor policy is not trustworthy and it shouldn’t be allowed to even increase burning of waste which may also affect kids of nearby schools.

  4. I object to any increase in the burning of waste. As a borough and nationally we are reducing waste so why does Viridor needs to increase capacity at this time? It already has exceeded safe levels on a number of occasions – surely this number will increase if it expands capacity. I and many residents are greatly concerned at this proposal. Pollution is a killer and people, especially the young and old deserve a healthy, clean environment to live in.

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