Hackbridge is expanding ….

There has been some talk about wanting to know how many apartments / houses are to be built on certain developments.

This list below gives you an approximate overview of each site and what Sutton Council have given planning permission for.  In the case of Felnex where plans have been stalled for Phase 1 (supermarket with apartments on top), any changes to Phase 1 will require a new detailed planning application.  Detailed plans for further phases i.e. the residential side have not yet been submitted.

Office buildings in Restmor Way and Mill Green Road will be turned into residential dwellings under permitted development. Have a look at the link to see what permitted development is all about.

The land north of Hackbridge Train Station is currently a viable business area and privately owned by individuals.  Sutton Council are likely to list this area for potential renewal for residential homes.  Under their current criteria being near a railway station means they are likely to want to build high-rise apartments.

Hackbridge is to become a major gateway to the future Wandle Valley Regional Park and it is important that any development that hasn’t already got outline building consent should take this into consideration at the design stage.

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