Felnex exhibition posters

Barratt Homes presented their plans for the Felnex site on 24 November 2015.

For those of you who were unable to attend this event, please take time to have a look at their plans and feel free to make any comment below.

The intention is for reserved matters to be submitted to Sutton Council for the whole site as early as possible, and if approved, intend to have show homes on site by Autumn 2016.

Many people are interested in the supermarket provider, but until the site has planning approval, the provider will not sign.  The plans are different from Phase I, which was approved on 25 June 2014.  After objecting to the scale of the buildings in this planning application, we were delighted that Hackbridge had been given a reprieve with a new design for this area.  Unfortunately this was quickly quashed after what appeared slightly better on plan, looked just as bulky and imposing as the last design!

Looking at the rest of the plan, which was not available during the Phase I application, it is apparent that no consideration has been given to the impact the design of the assisted living flats will have on the Victorian cottages on London Road, directly opposite.  The overbearing design of the whole scheme will change the look and feel of Hackbridge forever.

We have written to Barratt Homes and are currently awaiting a response.

supermarket building
Current Felnex visuals – supermarket with flats on top, equating to approx 7 storeys. (retail storeys are higher than residential storeys)


Felnex London Road
Old Felnex visuals for Phase I – supermarket with flats on top




  1. Was there any confirmation on when the proposed traffic signals will be installed outside Hackbridge station as part of this development? Will it be before work begins to help manage traffic or afterwards?

    Would be good to get clarity while the wider consultation on the crossing in Hackbridge is underway.

  2. My concern, with the proposal of the new homes is that Hackbridge will become over populated and traffic flow will be a real issue. The traffic to both Mitcham and Wallington via Hackbridge is nearly at a standstill at times. As a Hackbridge resident I would like to know how this will be taken into consideration.

    1. That is a very good question. We are concerned too that the current infrastructure will not cope with the amount of new homes proposed and that is not just the Felnex site.

      When the application goes in for planning, you will have the opportunity to submit your concerns to Sutton Council. As soon as we know it is ready to submit, we will put a post on the website, our Facebook page, twitter etc.

  3. are you sure the CURRENT and OLS images are the right way round? Its getting much much uglier what has happened??!!!

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