Planning application for pipework to connect Felnex to the incinerator

Planning application number C2017/76396/FUL (deadline 1 March) is now out for consultation.

This is a contencious application depending on your view of the Beddington Incinerator (ERF).  The application is to construct pipes that will connect the Felnex site to the incinerator.

We have submitted an objection to the application, which you can read.


An earlier planning application C2016/75591 (deadline 15 February) was submitted by Barratt Homes to lay pipes just on their site.  We were informed in a meeting with Sutton Council, that these pipes would be no different for any energy provider and would not need planning permission if going with a statutory provider.  By submitting the application, it gives Barratt’s a choice of who they decide to go with, without causing delay to the build.

Despite valiant attempts to stop the build of the incinerator, it is now very visible to all.  There seems however to be a lot of unanswered questions about the feasibility of Sutton Council’s energy company – Sutton Decentralised Energy Networks Limited (SDEN).

  • The incinerator is only suppose to last 25 years, how will the heat be provided to Felnex after this time?
  • What is the actual cost of the heat to the future residents, will it be more expensive than statutory bodies?
  • Are the developers getting away with over development by signing up to SDEN?
  • Sutton Council are no longer referring to Hackbridge as a sustainable suburb in their Local Plan 2031, is this so that developers no longer have to provide housing to a high sustainable standard, thereby more energy required?

How to submit feedback

Deadline – 15 February & 1 March

There are two applications:

C2016/75591 – pipe for Felnex site only – deadline 15 February

C2017/76396 – pipes and connections from Felnex site to Beddington incinerator

Online – using the access information above,  scroll down and click on ‘comment’ instead of ‘view plans’.  Making sure you use the correct application number (see above) to comment against.  You have the option to object, support or comment.

By email:

By post or hand deliver to:

Development Control
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road
Surrey  SM5 2JG

Ensure you use the correct planning reference in your letter

The link won’t work

If the direct link to the planning application(s) does not work, go to: and put in the relevant 5 digit number only i.e. 75591 or 76396


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