Land adjoining Hackbridge Train Station

Public consultation on this land took place on 19 January 2017.  A further presentation was given to members of the NDG and residents on 8 February 2017.

More details on their plans can be found on their website

The current site allocation according to Sutton Council’s Local Plan 2009 is 60 units and retention of 30% employment land.

Sutton Council’s Local Plan 2031 is currently out for consultation and the site allocation has now changed to 204 units and no mention of keeping employment land.  It is also a taller building location of up to 10-storeys.

Whilst the NDG are aware of the current housing crisis, the proposal for this site is a clear one of over development with its 12-storey ‘landmark’ block and not within the keeping of the suburban area.  Although Hackbridge is located in a London Borough of Zone 4, it is not Sutton or Croydon and will only become a district centre once Lidl has been built and open.

If you look at Hackbridge as a whole, there are lots of developments happening and a major concern that the infrastructure will not be able to cope with the ones already with planning permission, let alone another 262 dwellings.   This should be taken into consideration by any potential developer to this site.

We should also remember about the other company wanting to develop the same plot of land back in 2015, who still appear to be keen to do so.  Click here and scroll down to see their plans.

The land ownership is made up of approximately nine different people.  What has become blatantly clear, is that not all owners want the same thing!

Public Consultation Leaflet - Jan 2017.jpg

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