Changes to river path by Corbet Close development

Path change notice

There has been a lot of concern about the lack of information on the proposed changes to the path along the River Wandle by Corbet Close.  This path is part of the Wandle Trail which runs from Croydon to Wandsworth.

The notice put up regarding these changes has not provided adequate information and we have written today (8 September) to request the consultation period is extended.

Objections can only be made by letter and by 11 September

London Borough of Sutton
c/o South London Legal Partnership (ref AL)
Gifford House
67c St Helier Avenue
Surrey SM4 6HY




We met with Rydon yesterday (7 September), who will be sending us some plans.  Once we receive these, we will update this page.



1 Comment

  1. That stretch of river was re-wilded not long ago.
    If the path were to be removed from the riverside, that would be a real loss to local residents.
    Odd that in a digital age, you can’t see the Sutton plan or respond digitally. Why not?

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