New planning application for the Old Cadet Hut

cadet hut drawing 2017
New planning application for 3 detached houses

The Old Cadet Hut off of Corbet Close got planning approval in 2015 for two 4-bedroom detached houses.  One 4-storey and one 3-storey.  The planning application expires early next year (2018).

A new application C2017/77886 has been submitted for:-

  • 1 x 4-bedroom detached house – 4 storeys
  • 2 x 4-bedroom detached houses – 3 storeys
  • 5 parking spaces
  • The image below shows a dotted red line where the approved scheme’s second house would have been, now replaced by two houses.

drawing showing existing permissionbutton_view-planning-application


The NDG is concerned by the density and height of this proposed development and the affect on existing residents with respect of loss of privacy and daylight.

Download the word version to create your own response


How to view current information

  1. If the view button doesn’t work, go to and put in the relevant 5 digit number only i.e. 77886 and hit return.  Sometimes it comes back saying nothing found.  Hit return again and it then usually works!
  2. Scroll to bottom and click ‘view plans and documents’ and then the tick box for agreeing to their terms and conditions
  3. There will be lots of documents that are generically named either application, drawing or supporting information.  You will need to just work your way through these.

How to view previous application

The developer’s original plan C2014/69942 submitted in 2014 was for 3 detached houses, but amended it to 2 houses.  We can only assume they realised they were trying to put too much on such a small site, that would be disadvantaged to existing as well as the new residents.

There were 13 objections last time which included issues of loss of light and privacy.

Read our original blog

How to submit feedback

Deadline – 13 October 2017


Using the access information above,  scroll down and click on ‘comment’ instead of ‘view plans’.  Making sure you use the correct application number (see above) to comment against.  You have the option to object, support or comment.

By email:

By post or hand deliver to:

Development Control
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road
Surrey  SM5 2JG

Ensure you use the correct planning reference in your letter – C2017/77886.







  1. Encourage them to get on with the build, and put no obstacles in their way. The 4 storey building in particular looks great. And it will be a credit to the area.

    1. Design is subjective, what one person likes, another does not. This development brings lots of design aspects that the NDG likes, however it is not respecting the privacy of residents in Corbet Close and The Wave Flats and will block light from these and residents of the listed cottages from The Green.

      Also we need to think about the new residents and whether it is too much squashed onto such a small site and if the living quarters and amenities are big enough.

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