Changes to Wandle Trail path

As part of the development of the Corbet Close (Maple Grove) site, an order has been submitted to alter the path along the River Wandle, combining the existing pedestrian and cycle path.

If you have any concerns or views, you must submit them in writing to be received by 30 December 2019. There appears to be no online facility to do this.

  • The current pedestrian path is situated close to the river
  • Existing changes to narrow the river a few years ago and introduce more planting has resulting in out of control overgrowth and inability to view sections of the river
  • The proposed new path looks to follow the existing cycle path, which will limit the view of the river even further
  • There is no detailed information about the width and material of the path and if further trees will be felled
  • We welcome improvements, but need more information, which isn’t available to us!
Proposed route of new combined path

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