Barratt Homes Section 106 money for Hackbridge Train Station

The NDG arranged a meeting with Network Rail on 19 September 2019 to discuss the opening of the underpass from New Mill Quarter to the train station and to ensure residents have a say over the £50k Section 106 money from Barratt Homes.

Network Rail and GTR have agreed opening the underpass is NOT feasible. Their full statement can be seen below.

Network Rail & GTR’s statement

“Both GTR and ourselves have assessed the feasibility of opening the underpass for passengers to use. We are both in agreement that this would not be a sensible option for investment.

The underpass is both narrow and is not very high, and currently has a small number of steps to get to the platform. This means it is not accessible for everyone and we would not want to spend money to open a new entrance to the station without it being accessible for all.

To make it accessible would require a ramp to be installed. For this to be compliant with the relevant legislation would take up a lot of the subway length and would then cause further issues with the height of the passageway.

We also have concerns around the fact that the underpass would lead passengers out at the end of the platform. Passengers would then have to walk up the platform with their backs to trains which is not something we would want to encourage for obvious safety reasons.”

Passenger Benefit Fund

Not to be confused with Barratt Homes’ Section 106 money, £50k was allocated to Hackbridge Train Station from the Passenger Benefit Fund. Passengers were asked to submit ideas of what they wanted the money to be spent on and this is currently being reviewed.

Residents to meet on 26 October 2019 at 10am

Residents are welcome to meet at the train station to take a walk around and come up with a list of possible ideas for improvements.

Outcome of meeting

Thank you to those of you who attended the meet up. We walked around the area and came up with the main suggestion of making access to the station more pedestrian friendly, rather than focussing on the actual platform for improvements, which would come out of the Passenger Benefit Fund.

It was noted that £50k would not get you very much, for example a small shelter on a platform is approx £25k.

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