Hackbridge Station Car Park improvements

We have had many discussions over the last couple of years with GTR about improvements to Hackbridge Train Station and in particular pedestrian access through the car park.

After a site meeting with various representatives we have received a couple of options for improvements that will be paid out of designated Section 106 money from Barratt Homes.

We were expecting the outcome of a promised feasibility study to highlight any health and safety issues, but instead we have been provided with a couple of designs that are within budget.

We welcome the thoughts from our community!

Option 1

  • A new walkway with zebra crossings prioritising pedestrian movements
  • Installation of fencing along station approach – this would improve safety of the car park and prevent the car park being used for other activities than just parking
  • Installation of gantries to entrance/exit – again to improve safety of the car park and prevent the car park being used for other activities than just parking
  • Replacement of yellow rusty fencing with bollards
  • Installation of bollards around the car park payment machine
  • Installation of a Customer Information Screen (CIS) by the car park entrance shown in Option 2 pictures (but should be on Option 1 pictures as well)
  • More line markings for the 5mph speed limit
Option 1 – Overview of design
Option 1 – View from access road

Option 2

This is the same as above with the additional two points below and the option that GTR would like to go ahead with.

  • Entrance re-located next to the exit – again we think this would improve the safety of the car park
  • New pedestrian entrance & bin storage area at the top of station approach which is good for cyclists and will mean Biffa can still pick up the bins – they still need to double check with Biffa that this would work for them.
Option 2 – View from access road
Option 2 – View from London Road bridge

The Gap

Whenever improvements are mentioned, we know the first thing people ask for is the gap to be reduced on platform 2. We were told some time ago now that there was a wider project that would look at the gauging of the lines and by adjusting them would help reduce this, although won’t solve it completely. We have no update on this project, but know our MP has recently launched a petition to try and help.


  1. They have not spoken to any of the businesses that work in Station Depot about this, only to say they will be using ANPR cameras for the issuing of any car parking offences to make the attendant redundant.

    1. Hi Steve – they are not at that stage yet and have given us preliminary designs to gauge what the community think. Once we reply back and a decision is made, I’m sure they will alert the local businesses of any proposed changes.

      Do you have any particular concerns that we can add to our feedback? Option 1 doesn’t change anything for existing businesses as the layout is the same, Option 2 might have an impact on the station road and junction.

  2. I work in the grounds of the station and this is the first I’ve heard about this – no consultation and no thought for the business that this will effect. The station car park doesn’t need improvement!! I would suggest you ask the business in the station grounds and the commuters that use it

    1. Hi Geoff – commuters have complained about the safety issue of walking through the car park as there isn’t a pedestrianised route to the station, unlike most stations nearby.

      These are initial proposals which GTR have allowed us to ask the local community for feedback.

      Option 1 would not impact local businesses as the entrance and exit are the same, plus they are not removing any parking spaces. Option 2 could potentially have an impact on the junction and road with more cars going in and out of one entrance/exit, so more analysis would be required.

      Was there something in particular that you had concerns about that we can add to our feedback?

      1. Totally agree with the crossings as early mornings and evenings the car park can be very busy with commuters who go to and from the entrance from all angles. The fence and height restrictions are unnecessary, the height will limit certain types of vehicles which already use the station and will In turn put more strain on the surrounding area which already has parking permit zones in force.

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