Plans for old Cadet Hut approved by Sutton Council

cadet hutSutton Council’s Planning Committee took place on 4 February 2015.

The planning officer recommended planning permission stating:-

It is considered that the application, as amended respects the character and streetscene, proposes a building of satisfactory scale and design, and does not adversely affect the outlook, privacy and light of adjoining occupiers.

There were thirteen objections from residents with reasons given below:-

  Three storeys are too high.
  Increased overlooking.
  Loss of privacy.
  Plot is too small and the proposal is unsuitable.
  Out of character with the existing houses.
  Scheme requires permission to alter the access road.
  Area is not for taller buildings.
  Buildings are overbearing in height and too many buildings on the site.
  Loss of light.
  Not enough parking for three 4-bedroomed dwellings.
  Impact on parking in the area.
  Foundations could damage roots.
  Site is not within an area of taller building potential.
  Height of buildings will cause shadowing to rear gardens and affect the growth of trees and plants.
  Gardens appear too small for 4-bedroomed dwellings.
  Inaccuracies with the drawings.
  Conifers cannot be used as a screen as they are not within the site boundary.

Full details of the report for the Planning Committee can be found here.

The NDG were disappointed that yet again residents’ voices are not being taken into account and the planning system is biased towards the developer.

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