Peter Lloyd – one of a kind

Today, 26 March 2018 is Epilepsy awareness day.  The significance of this, is that we lost a very unique and special person to epilepsy on 3 March.


Peter - small

Peter had been a founder member of the NDG, serving as Vice Chair and latterly as Treasurer.  He was committed to improving the environment of Hackbridge for the benefit of all and was a highly valued member of the group.

Peter reading plan

Peter by riverThere are many memories of Peter; a true gentleman, a unique character always willing to help and get involved; a chatterbox (sometimes hard to get off the phone!); a man of humour and detail.  A desire to have his own library of documentation and was desperate for a copy of the draft London Plan!  A love of coffee (he had to bring his own and make his own) and a passion for sports cars.

He scared two colleagues in the early days of neighbourhood planning, driving to the Eden Project.  It was described as ‘being transported to another dimension, with Peter’s engine being stretched to full capacity, only surpassed by Lady Gaga singing Poker Face at a volume normally only experienced at open air festivals‘!

Peter’s enthusiasm has kept us going at an incredibly frustrating time with our neighbourhood plan and Sutton Council’s apathy in progressing it.  We leave you with his last email to us, which sums up some of his personality well.  Peter, you will be greatly missed.


Hi Radicals,
I suggest we could send our own informative email …indicating that our ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ has been left high and dry by purdah in limbo, left on the dusty margins of Sutton Council’s conscience.
The term ‘any person aggrieved’ strikes an ironic tone!
Your thoughts??
“I don’t hold grudges but I like to get even” said Bernie Ecclestone…..
Peter L


If you would like to make a donation in Peter’s memory and help support the Epilepsy Society, please visit his daughter’s Just Giving Page.


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