Our Plan is approved to go to referendum!

On 25 September, we presented our neighbourhood plan to Sutton Council’s Housing, Economy & Business Committee, who approved unanimously for the plan to go ahead to a local referendum.

This is a big step, firstly in just getting the approval to go to a referendum.

What this then means is that if we are successful in getting more than 50% of votes supporting the Neighbourhood plan, then the plan becomes an officially adopted planning document, that is considered alongside the Sutton Local Plan, when considering for planning approval any development proposals in Hackbridge and Beddington Corner.

However we have one last task and that is to get as many people to vote in the referendum in support of our plan. Every vote counts, because we want to send a clear message to Sutton Council that this community wants all new developments to be built to the highest environmental standards possible, protect our wilderness areas and green spaces, to provide as much truly affordable housing as possible and to be designed in a thoughtful way that helps community cohesion.

So we will let you know when we have more details about when the referendum is to be held and hope you will all come along and vote. This is your chance to make sure local residents have a say in how our neighbourhood evolves, particularly at a time when many changes are happening.

We even made the front page of Sutton Guardian!  (a few anomalies, but mainly accurate)
Sutton Guardian article - 27 Sept 2018

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