Another developer appeals to Secretary of State

cadet hut drawing 2017
Appeal regarding plans for 3 x 4-bedroom houses (2 x 3-storeys & 1x 4-storey)

Mr Neale Brickwood  is appealing to the Secretary of State against the Council’s refusal for 3 houses on the old Cadet Hut site by Corbet Close.

Quick overview

The site has been under discussion since 2014 when the developer first put in his planning application for 3 houses.  During the process of the application, this was then changed to 2 houses and subsequently approved in February 2015.

A second application for 3 houses was submitted and refused in November 2017.  The approved planning application for 2 houses expired in February this year.

The NDG is concerned by the density and height of this proposed development and the affect on existing residents with respect of loss of privacy and daylight.

Have your say – deadline 13 September 2018

Any comments originally submitted will be taken into consideration by the Planning Inspectorate.  If you wish to make any further comments, you may do so.  Likewise, if you didn’t submit any comments previously, you can do so now.

Submit comments online

Quote reference APP/P5870/W/18/3198821

Submit comments by post

Please send three copies of your letter, quoting the reference above to:

The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol  BS1 6PN

Survey results



  1. What the area could really do with is a cut through road between London Rd Hackbridge and Beddington Lane to relieve the traffic (which will only increase with all the commercial development as well as the domestic planned) which presently crawls along towards Wallington from Hackbridge, and in both directions along Beddington Lane. The cut through road should be in the vicinity of the Marco Aggregates entrance, by the old Goat pub, across to Bed. Lane

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