Signage application for Lidl

Planning application DM2019/00935 has been submitted for signage for the new supermarket on New Mill Quarter.

Signs are for in their windows and doors along with illuminated signs and a flag on the corner of London Road and Spinning Wheel Way.

Plans are for Barratt London to pass ownership of the site to Lidl in September with opening of the store due in December 2019.

If you wish to view the application or comment on it, please click on the button below and respond by 12 July 2019.

London Road to include flag post and illuminated signs
Main entrance on Spinning Wheel Way


  1. I do not wish to have bright lights facing spinning wheel way .
    This will shine into our homes .
    It is not a high street !

    1. Who’s “we?” I’m glad a Lidl is coming as it represents excellent value and good quality products. Snobs like you are probably why people are put off signing a worthwhile cause like this.

      This is Hackbridge not Hampstead.

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