Redrow given the go-ahead

Planning application DM2018/01687 was approved by Sutton Council on 16 May 2019.

This has been a long drawn out process where Redrow have submitted two applications for this Phase 2 of the former Wandle Valley Trading Estate, now known as Millfields. Both were rejected, but arrogantly, Redrow appealed against these decisions, although withdrew one of them. However they found that the judge upheld Sutton Council’s decision.

The NDG have worked hard since 2013 trying to secure good design and quality build for this development. Initially involved in an innovative proposal with City and Provincial that secured planning permission, we were dismayed when the land was then sold to Redrow.

Understandably Redrow wanted to use their ‘brand’ of housing, but this altered the fundamental design of the site leading to some poor design principles.

This is another example of where a developer does not take into consideration the local vernacular and their ability to be able to enhance the area for both new and existing residents. Some things don’t take much, like opening up the River Wandle Trail, but they are too busy trying to retrofit their standard design on a computer and churn it out to be built with no further thought.


Relationship with the River Wandle

We did fight very hard for better designs for the relationship with the River Wandle. You can see below the original design from City and Provincial and the many iterations from Redrow, which has still left us with a blank facade.

Interestingly Sutton Council’s planning conditions put submitting an amended energy statement, including commitment to connect to their future heat network (no.23) above requiring a detailed scheme for the provision, ecological enhancement and management for the 8m buffer zone along the River Wandle (no.24).

Further information can be found here:-

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