New Mill Quarter – onsite issues

We are working with residents of New Mill Quarter (NMQ) to find a solution to various issues. An overview of these issues are below, but please see our letter for full details.

Quality of build

  • More than just the usual snagging problems from a new build. Some resident have between 100 – 200 outstanding issues!
  • Examples are pipes fitted the wrong way; sewage backing up into properties; windows not fitting properly; leaks in many homes, plus delays and hassle in getting anything fixed.

Delays to the build

  • Potential new residents waiting over half a year to be able to moved into their property, with lack of communication as to why.
  • Hackbridge Medical Centre unable to move to Button House in October 2019, due to build quality issues. This affects all residents, as their current premises are not suitable for the increasing population in our area.
  • Lidl supermarket delayed a third time.


  • The NDG were well aware of the lack of parking onsite and was one of the reasons we objected to the planning application.
  • It sounds like NMQ residents were not told all the facts about the parking constraints and some would not have moved there, if they had known.
  • The contentious PPA that comes into force on 3 February will make it harder for NMQ residents to park.
  • Existing residents have found it harder to park since the build of NMQ and some don’t think the times are long enough to guarantee a parking space that they now have to pay for.

We have written to Sutton Council, copying our Local MP to ask them to help us resolve these matters. You can view the letter below.

Bus route

  • The original planning application was to provide a transport hub, so you only had to stand on one side and could catch the 127 or 151 to Wallington, without running across the road. The area would also be big enough to hold activities like farmers markets.
  • The last planning application removed the social area and just had the bus route coming through the estate.
  • NMQ residents are concerned about the emissions from the buses going passed the play area and that the roads are not adequately built for them, as well as the noise.
  • The bus stop on Hackbridge Road opposite the school was moved there temporarily, but has not been moved since.
  • A meeting needs to be held with both NMQ and existing residents to discuss the bus route and therefore was not part of the letter to Sutton Council.


  1. Why is there no info on ewsi certificates at the new mill quarter complex? Particularly when lenders are asking for it!

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