Lidl applies again to erect a 6m illuminated sign

When residents arrive at Hackbridge Station, they don’t need to be faced with a 6m illuminated sign saying ‘Welcome to Lidl’. Indeed it would be nice just to have our ‘Hackbridge Station’ sign back in the car park that has been missing for years!

Whilst we understand shops require branding to allow their potential customer to know they exist, there are ways to do so without having a detrimental effect on the surrounding area and indeed residents.

New Mill Quarter Residents Association has already informed their residents, who are the ones to be mainly affected. However if you live in Hexagon House or one of the Victorian cottages along London Road, depending on the exact positioning, you could end up with extra light at night. Obviously any resident can respond to the application if they object to the signage.

No change from 2019 application

Lidl applied in July 2019 to erect an illuminated sign on the corner of London Road and Spinning Wheel Way. Residents objected to this. You will see there is no difference in size or lumen levels between the two applications.

Drawing from 24 July 2020 application

Drawing from July 2019 application

Delgated Officers Report noted there were objections to the original application, namely, ‘Flats and houses in the area would suffer from increased glare from the proposed illuminated signage in particular from the 6 metre high the flagpole so close to residents flats.

Officer response: – ‘The application since submission has been revised in that the originally proposed projecting illuminated flagpole to which officers raised objections to has been removed and replaced with a smaller non illuminated directional wayfinding sign. Conditions would be attached into ensure that the illuminated fascias adhere to acceptable level of illumination to prevent any harm to residential amenity.’

How to submit feedback

Deadline – 21 August 2020


If you haven’t submitted an online response before, it is relatively easy. You will get to the screen below, where you then need to click on ‘register’. Once you have registered, you can then ‘login’. Using the application number you will then be able to comment on it.

Click on the image above to take you to the planning portal

By post or hand deliver to:

Development Control
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road
Surrey  SM5 2JG

Ensure you use the correct planning reference in your letter DM2020/01120


  1. Hackbridge already looks unrecognisable
    A total eye saw – this sign will just add to the already horrendous mess that was once a quiet pleasant place to live in

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