We need your help!

We are looking to recruit new members and elect a new management committee

We are a group of volunteers whose primary objective was to write a neighbourhood plan for Hackbridge and Beddington Corner. We are not a political group and our Plan was voted in by residents in November 2018.

Now the fun begins!

At the back of the Neighbourhood Plan is a list of suggested projects. This is not set in stone and there will be lots of great ideas that are yet to come from our local community.

This is an opportunity to see physical improvements in our neighbourhood.

  • Are you interested in becoming more involved in your local area?
  • Are you already an active resident but would like the support of a group?
  • Do you have a particular skill you would like to offer?

What we need

The NDG is a fully constituted body, which means we need to have certain roles filled and a minimum of 21 members for it to continue.

The specific roles are:-

Management CommitteeNice To Have
Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, TreasurerMarketing, Fundraising, Project Officers
  • Elected positions must have spare capacity to fulfil the roles.
  • All non-elected members have the opportunity to get involved in as much or as little as they choose.
  • Commitment to attend formal bi-monthly meetings – a minimum of 7 members must attend.
  • Due to current restrictions, the AGM has not been held, but voting in a new committee will be done remotely.

Interested in becoming a member? Please respond by 18 October 2020.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or put your name forward for a particular role. Email – hackbridgeandbc@gmail.com

What has the NDG done?

As well as writing the neighbourhood plan we were involved in many other local activities and will continue to do so are our community expands and further development plans arise:-

  • Responding to planning applications
  • Liaising with developers
  • Liaising with residents affected by new developments ie noise and dirt pollution
  • Speaking at Planning Committees and representing residents at other Sutton Council Committees
  • Writing a Green Space Management Plan
  • Greening up Hackbridge projects – bulb planting, biodiversity studies
  • Involving local schools with projects
  • Designing artwork for hoardings and producing a booklet about the History of Hackbridge
  • New key voice on Viridor’s Conservation, Access and Management Committee for Beddington Farmlands to ensure residents get quality access to the nature reserve
  • Campaigning to keep the railway bridges from demolition – although failed, through involving the Wandle Valley Forum, we now have the opportunity to find funding for a new pedestrian bridge
  • Responding to local consultation documents from Sutton Council and neighbourhood planning, plus many other things.

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