Vote for our projects!

As some of you know, we have submitted two applications to Sutton’s Neighbourhood Fund and they have made it through to the ‘long list’! The fund is oversubscribed this year, so we are in competition with all the other applications and asking for your help to get us through to the next stage by voting for them.

You can click on the button to start voting, or you can scroll down and read the overviews of our projects and some tips on how to fill the consultation online form. Vote closes on 2 October 2022.

Our Projects

We want to build on the success of the bulb planting we did last autumn, by continuing mixed swathes along London Road grass verges, but also starting to make improvements in Watercress Park.

We would also like to protect our new planting from being run over by vehicles and pedestrians, who would not realise they were there during the dormant months.

Help on how to vote

This is an online form which is easy to complete, but has a few sections to it.

  • First section asks details about your ward, what categories you would like to see funding for and then a tick list of specific ones you prefer.
  • Next section allows you to view or decline submissions relevant for the whole borough ie street tree planting, new bins.
  • You will then be given the option to view projects by Local Committee Area (see image below). Although you can obviously look through applications for each Local Committee Area, this would take much longer, as you need to vote on each one to be able to view the next application.
  • We suggest after voting on the whole borough section, you say ‘no’ to viewing other Local Committee Areas until you get to Hackbridge, St Helier & The Wrythe.
  • There are 6 submissions for our Local Committee and to be able view them all, you must vote on each one to get to the next (see image below). We would obviously love you to vote no.5 for our projects!
  • We show no ill feeling towards our other competitors and so we are choosing no.3 for theirs, so we don’t give them an extra vote, but we are also not opposing their project, which seemed the fairest way to go!

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