Hackbridge Road changes

As many of you will have noticed, parking has been suspended along Hackbridge Road between the Red Lion Pub and Corbet Close.  This has also included the temporary closure of Corbet Close bus stops.

Felnex Hackbridge Rd Felnex Plan
Permanent traffic order changes.   Yellow = no parking at any time.

There has been a temporary traffic order under reference T11173/S207 which has four phases and now a permanent traffic order under reference WL1020.

The work is in connection with the Felnex development, which includes adding a third lane to filter into the site, as well as permanent suspension of parking along this area.

Please have a look at our letter in response to this, as there are many questions that haven’t been answered yet.

If you are concerned about these changes and if you will be affected by them, please write by 9 June to:

Caroline McGlynn
Highways & Transport
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road
Surrey  SM5 2JG

quoting reference WL1020

Where will all the cars magically go?


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