Felnex up for planning permission on 20 July 2016

Felnex supermarket drawingThe changes to the outline planning permission for Felnex will be discussed at Sutton Council’s Planning Committee on 20 July 2016 at 7.30pm.

The agenda for the meeting is available and the planning officer has written a report recommending the application is approved, citing they are minor changes.

Everyone is welcome to attend this public meeting at:-

Meeting Room 1
Civic Centre
St Nicholas Way
Sutton  SM1 2EA

Any person who wants to speak at the committee can do so by applying beforehand.  Please read through this letter which provides you with detailed information how to do this.

The NDG has objected to this application.

To view planning applications

www.sutton.gov.uk/planningapplicationsearch and put in the relevant 5 digit number only i.e. 73625 and hit return.  Sometimes it comes back saying nothing found.  Hit return again and it then usually works!

C2016/73625 – amendments to outline plan – to be discussed at Planning Committee

C2014/68760 – 2014 minor amendments to outline plan

C2009/62175 – original outline plan

Main changes to the original outline planning permission

Class C2 care facility

  • The care facility has increased from 3,051 square metres to 7,740 square metres.
  • The location has changed from Hackbridge Road to London Road.
  • 90 x bedroom care home has been replaced with an assisted living block containing 80 x one and two bedroom flats in addition to the 725 units proposed for the whole site.
  • We have not been provided with sufficient evidence that this type of accommodation is needed in Hackbridge and more importantly that if required, would be affordable for our elderly residents.  The consultation on Sutton Council’s Local Plan states that only 42 units are needed per year for the whole of the borough, not just Hackbridge specific.

Hackbridge square

  • In the outline permission this was a community space of 32m x 42m. This would provide the proposed bus interchange and opportunity for farmers markets, as well as a place of interaction and sociability.
  • Due to the change in location and size of the assisted living block, this community space has been removed.  We cannot tell from the plans whether the relocation outside the supermarket entrance is of an equivalent size.

Retail space

  • This has reduced from 2,000 square meters to 948 square metres.
  • In the outline planning permission there is mention of cafe/restaurant facilities.  We have seen in detailed plans that a restaurant will be provided in the assisted living block, but it is not confirmed if this will be for public use.
  • The retail class of A1 for the proposed units, will not facilitate a cafe or restaurant in the area.  The original proposal appears to provide cafe/restaurant facilities and class A1 units.
  • Sutton Council want Hackbridge to move from a Local Centre status to a District Centre.  The supermarket will provide this, but a good selection of shops will be required to accommodate existing residents, plus those from the 1,000+ new homes proposed.




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