Old Cadet Hut application refused at appeal

Mr Neale Brickwood  appealed to the Secretary of State against the Council’s refusal for 3 houses on the old Cadet Hut site by Corbet Close.

On 27 November 2018, the Inspector gave his conclusions and dismissed the case.  We are pleased that our concerns for this site were upheld.

I have found that the proposal would achieve satisfactory living accommodation for future occupants. However, it would lead to harm to the character and appearance of the area, and harm to the living conditions of the occupants of existing buildings. For the reasons given above and having had regard to all other matters raised, I conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.

Neil Holdsworth, Inspector

Quick overview

The site has been under discussion since 2014 when the developer first put in his planning application for 3 houses.  During the process of the application, this was then changed to 2 houses and subsequently approved in February 2015.

A second application for 3 houses was submitted and refused in November 2017.  The approved planning application for 2 houses expired in February this year.


  1. With the lack of parking bays about to be thrust upon this area due to inadequate planning & delusional foresight of the “1 house 1 parking bay” greedy planning developers, why not use this site for the obvious overflow of cars which is so desperately going to be needed in the foreseeable future! #nobrainer

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